Yes, all the prices mentioned on our store are inclusive of the applicable Goods and Service Tax.

You can cancel your order only if the meat or sea-food you ordered hasn’t already left our store for delivery. Rest assured, if all the conditions are met, you can cancel your order and get a refund in 5-7 business days.

You are entitled to a refund in situations wherein you receive a wrong order, your package is damaged during transit or if the package delivered is way past its expiry date.

Whole Fish is referred to a fish that is gutted, cleaned and scaled by us, but is not sliced into fillets or steaks.

When a fish is cut perpendicular to the spine, it is referred to as steaks. They can come in both boned and boneless form.

Fillet refers to the part of a fish that is pure flesh and does not contain any bone.

Tail-On prawns are prawns that are shelled, deveined and come with its head removed, but tail intact to give it a crunchier texture.